Can you fit golf clubs in a Prius?

Can you fit golf clubs in a Prius? This is a question we get asked a lot, and it's one that we're happy to answer. The answer, simply put, is yes - you can fit golf clubs in a Prius. In fact, there's plenty of room for them.

Will golf clubs fit in a car?

The answer to this question is a little more complicated. It depends on the size of the golf clubs and the size of the car. Generally speaking, though, golf clubs will fit in most cars. The Trunk

The trunk is the best place to put golf clubs. There's plenty of space back there, and it's out of the way so they won't get in the way while you're driving. If you have a hatchback or SUV, you can even put the clubs through the opening into the back seat area.

The Back Seat

If your car doesn't have a trunk, or if the trunk is too small to fit all of your clubs, you can put them in the back seat. This is usually a tight fit, but it can be done. Just make sure they're not blocking your view out the back window.

The Front Seat

Putting golf clubs in the front seat is generally not a good idea. They can block your view and make it difficult to get in and out of the car. They can also be a danger to you and your passengers in a collision.

How do I put golf clubs in my car?

Tips for Traveling with your Golf Clubs

  1. Try to get a non-stop flight.
  2. Get a durable, well-made travel bag.
  3. If you use a soft-sided bag, don't forget to pack a golf club protection device.
  4. Don't forget that golf bags are considered “oversized check-in”.
  5. Add some personal ID marking to your bag.

Can you fit golf clubs in a Toyota Prius?

As we mentioned before, the answer is yes - you can fit golf clubs in a Toyota Prius. There's plenty of room in the trunk, and the back seats are spacious enough to accommodate them as well. Just be sure to secure them so they don't slide around while you're driving.

Now that you know the answer to the question, "Can you fit golf clubs in a Prius?", you can hit the links with confidence knowing that your clubs will fit just fine. And if you're ever in doubt, just remember - there's always room for golf clubs.


So there you have it - everything you need to know about fitting golf clubs into a Prius. We hope this article was helpful and that you now feel confident loading up your clubs and hitting the road.