Are you curious about the meaning of car wheelbase?

Do you ever wonder what car makers mean when they mention the wheelbase length of a vehicle? You're not alone! Although it's vital to understand before making a car purchase, it can be tricky to comprehend. In this guide, we'll show you everything you need to know about the wheelbase and why it matters. Don't make another car-buying decision without knowing all your facts - read our advice now!

What is a wheelbase?

A car's wheelbase is the length between its front and rear wheels, which makes it a shorter measurement than the full size of a vehicle. Typically measured in millimetres or centimetres, North Americans may measure them in inches; however, if you plan to purchase from outside your nation then you should convert this number into metric measurements. As an example, consider the Rolls-Royce Phantom: it has a whopping 5982mm length with an even more impressive 3820mm wheelbase! That's large enough for another hatchback - truly incredible!

What are the different wheelbase sizes?

There are no set wheelbase sizes in the auto industry, yet a standard city car could have a 2,430mm wheelbase while a family hatchback might come with 2,700mm—and larger SUVs can even exceed up to 2,980mm. Taking all this into account makes you realize how gigantic the Rolls-Royce's wheelbase truly is!

Why is a car’s wheelbase important?

It's astonishing just how much of a car's features are connected to its wheelbase. For most drivers, the most essential is interior roominess; since almost all of your car’s inside space is located between the wheels, an automobile with a longer wheelbase will usually offer more spacious interiors than one which has similar body length but shorter wheelbase.

To maximize the space available for both passengers and cargo, car designers usually opt for a long wheelbase that allows them to create an interior with minimal obstructions. This method ensures maximum comfort and convenience in every vehicle design.

It is worth noting that many luxury vehicles like the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series come in both standard and long wheelbase versions. The longer model offers passengers sitting in the rear even more room, which makes it an ideal option for this type of car. Similarly, Skoda designed their Superb with a notably extensive wheelbase to provide additional space for those riding at the back - clearly recognizing its popularity amongst taxi drivers!

Cars with longer wheelbases offer superior ride quality and stability compared to those featuring shorter wheelbases. The extra distance between the front and rear wheels ensures that bumps are smoothed out, providing a more comfortable driving experience. Furthermore, the increased footprint of a long wheelbase car helps provide added safety when cornering, allowing drivers to have greater confidence on the road.

While it's true that cars with a long wheelbase tend to lack agility, there are also lots of lengthy vehicles which are still great fun on the roads. A Bentley Continental GT or Porsche Panamera spring immediately to mind here! Even if you're looking for something better suited for nipping around town and tackling twisty roads, short-wheel base models will always offer more maneuverability in these scenarios.